Before you make the worst interview follow-up mistakes possible and end up not getting the job you want, you will benefit from reading the tips here. There are so many reasons why job seekers sometimes ruin their chances of getting a job, often due to no fault of their own. However, sometimes those seeking work make foolish decisions which jeopardize their career goals. Here are some of the worst follow-up mistakes made by interviewees.

Forgetting to Send a Thank You Note

It seems like such a simple thing to do and can make such a great impression with a hiring manager, however the majority of job seekers do not bother to send a handwritten thank you note after an interview. Besides making you look more professional, sending a thank you note helps the recruiter remember who you are amongst other candidates. It also lets them know you appreciate the time taken to tell you more about the job, the company and shows that you are sincere about working there.

Not Returning Messages after the Interview

A frustrating aspect of recruiting occurs when job seekers don't take the time to return calls made after the interview. Often, human resources personnel need to verify personal information to do background checks or they may have additional information for job seekers. In addition, you may be getting a call to come back in for a second interview during which time you could be considered and a job offer will be made. If you don't return messages, how can you expect to get a job?

Getting Disconnected Once the Interview Is Done

Another big mistake that job seekers make following an interview is not having an active contact number. Nothing is worse from a hiring manager's standpoint than not having a way to contact a candidate that s being considered for employment. If you are struggling to find a job, perhaps you should establish a good number for recruiters to call or sign up for a voice-mail service so you don't miss any important calls?

Calling or Emailing Daily Following the Interview

A big mistake that some job seekers make after an interview is making telephone calls or sending emails to the recruiter daily. It takes time to evaluate a candidate for an open position therefore its important to let a couple of days lapse before any contact is made. The best course of action is to send a thank you note in the mail right away, then make a quick phone call every three days to avoid "stalking" the hiring manager.

Behaving Badly after the Interview

The worst offense following an interview is calling or emailing the recruiter with a demanding or rude tone. Many job candidates do this without realizing it because they are eager to get to work and frustrated by the time it may take to get a job offer. No hiring manager will tolerate rudeness or impatience in a job candidate so before you make this mistake, take a deep breath, put a smile on your face and act professionally when dealing with recruiters and human resource personnel.





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